The start of Neko and Coffee


Neko and Coffee.

No. that’s not the name of the cats on the header. It’s the blog’s name. The concept behind the name is simple. Imagine, the chill feeling whenever you hear a gentle cat’s purr while sipping a warm mug of coffee on a cold rainy day. Comfy isn’t it?

If you’re reading this, let me take this moment to welcome you to my blog. I am to fill this blog to be filled with experiences related to the Japanese culture. Mainly, the booming pop culture focused on Anime and Idols.

Currently, my adventures are limited only to what is available in my country: conventions and concerts. I’ll also probably post reviews of items that I buy from Japan.

In the next few years, I’m hoping to experience Japan itself and probably attend an AFA event.

This is blog is actually long due. A blog page that was supposed to have started since June of 2015.

Why June 2015?

I consider June 2015 as a revolutionary period. LiSA’s mini-concert in the Philippines marked the boom of Anison concerts in the country. One of the best days of my life if I could say. The hype was simply ecstatic on that day. The crowd chanting and LiSA’s exceptional performance is a day to remember. It gives me chills just to remember her concert.


~It was definitely a great day~

The PH Anison Boom

Several other Anison artists like Eir Aoi, Pile,  FLOW, and Hiroshi Kidatani has already visited the country. One Ok Rock — who’s NO SCARED was featured in Black Rock Shooter the game — also held Philippines as one of their venue for their 2015 Asia Tour.


Pile gave away an autographed photo of her promoting Calpis water

In the upcoming months, artists like Haruna Luna, Riho Iida, Starmarie — who recently debuted as an Anison group with their ending song Mekurumeku Yuuki! for Cardfight Vanguard G — ,  Back-on, Elisa, Nagi Yanagi, and May’n are also performing for the upcoming conventions.

Progress and improvement in a span of two years. Kudos to the convention organizers for stepping up their game.


Next month, the updates on this blog will be focused on the Anison concerts that will be happening on Cosplay Mania 2016. If you like memes, my twitter is a less serious place. You can follow me for updates: @catbgs.

‘Till next time!

The pictures of the cats on the website header are my cats: Slaine (Left) and Yuki (Right). They’re doll-faced Persians.



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