How I became a fan of Love Live, µ’s and their voice actresses.

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Originally posted last April 4, 2016

Today is the third day after the Final Love Live. I was able to watch two days of the live stream and the post-concert depression is hitting harder than ever. This depression is a bitter-sweet feeling; sweet on the part of my wallet but bitter on the side of the feels.

Let’s start on the part on how I almost didn’t become a fan of Love Live. When the 1st season was aired in 2013, I didn’t have time to watch anime that much because I was focusing on my thesis in college. I has no idea of Love Live back then.

You might be wondering how did I even end up watching Love Live? I didn’t even like the idol genre which is probably because of the Korean boom in the Philippines that was rode by the mainstream media. I stereotyped girl groups and idols as the same banana during that time.

To make a long story short, my brother was watching Love Live and was playing School Idol Festival (SIF). I got LSS-ed listening to Aishteru Banzai and liked it. I gave it a chance and got hooked. I didn’t only watch it once, but thrice, both 1st and 2nd season and kept repeating some very silly scenes. Afterwards, I played SIF EN. That is when I realized that LL has a very good marketing strategy. They are successful on how they keep their customers and convert them as fans. It was not just another anime that you watch once and then forget about it. They were able to make me like both the anime and the voice actresses behind each character.

Then it hit me.

The slogan of μ’s which is “Making Our Dreams Come True Together!”.

The cast of Love Live has several new voice actresses that are new to the industry. The hardships that the group went through was comparable to the anime. Love Live was their debut.

The little bird’s wings have finally grown large It’s a day to take flight.
Love Live! The School Idol Movie.
The day of the movie came. It was feels all over again. During this time, my naive self only saw how the anime μ’s will be ending as a group since the the third years are already graduating.

“I guess the voice actresses will still be performing some live concerts.”

Manly tears were shed on that day.
ラブライブ!μ’s Final LoveLive!~μ’sic Forever♪♪♪♪♪♪♪♪♪~
It was announced in the December of 2015. The Final Love Live, which happened on March 31 – April 1, 2016. During this time I was bit uninterested since I won’t be able to watch their concert at the Tokyo Dome. Also, it was cleared by Emi Nitta (“Honoka Kousaka”) stated that the concert will only be the final concert of the group μ’s as a whole and as a solo act, and does not consider it as a “break-up”.

 But then a miracle.

It was announced that a live viewing will be happening in my country for the first time. PH Love Livers rejoiced knowing that the Philippines will be able to participate in the one last hurrah of µ’s.

When I saw Ucchi’s crying face during the start of day 2. It was starting to hit me.

“No, not like this.”

At the end, everyone in the live stream and Tokyo Dome seems to have broken into tears. The crowd at Tokyo Dome sang Bokutachi wa hitotsu no hikari during the instrumental part where the girls were exiting the stage.

Would you like to try winding back time? No no no, this moment is the greatest!
切なくて時をまきもどしてみるかい? No no no, 今が最高!
I don’t have enough words to describe how I feel right now. I’m depressed of the fact that I was late to the party, that I was only able to become a fan recently. Even though it is not considered as a break-up of μ’s, manly tears were shed. It is a fact that there won’t be concerts of μ’s in the near future.

But I am glad to become part of their final concert. As Emitsun said, “We won’t be able to promise you anything now, I –we want to meet everyone again. I think Honoka and her friends definitely feel the same way. Until we meet again. Faito dayo!”

Until we meet again!

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