Concert Etiquette: Why should you stop filming?


It’s a familiar scene in the concert scene of western countries, where everyone is holding their phones up to “record the moment” or “relive the funny antics of the band.” People record for two reasons: to have their own personalized copy or for bragging rights.

It is not really bad to film concerts especially if the organizers does not impose a restriction.

Then why should you not film concerts?

  • Courtesy. Not everyone is a 6 footer and above.

Various phones and even tablets and are raised up in the air, possibly blocking the view of those at the back. If you were able to get a decent ticket it does not mean you’re entitled to ruin other people’s enjoyment.

  • Safety.

Everyone wants to take a good photo of the performer. This is quite an impossible feat especially with low-to-mid end smart phones. It is also important to consider the possibility that one can accidentally drop and lose their phone in the crowd. People rushing for a good spot can also spell disaster. This is why it is recommended to leave the photography to the professionals.

  • Crowd Feedback.

Concerts are a give and take process. The artist performs and entertains the fans. Depending on the type of concert, crowd feedback is expected. Whether if it is a shout or a chant, it assures the performers that their fans are enjoying. When you record or film, there’s a high possibility that you’re staying still and quiet because it would affect the quality of your recording. Where’s the fun in that?

Cool and Smart? Eri-chika!

Take for example the Japanese concert scene, where no one holds a camera to film and everyone is fully participating in full sync. Yes, the organizers restrict them from taking photographs and recording, but in exchange, they fully enjoy the concert without any distractions.

Three days ago. September 18. Best of Anime.

The crowd turnout was a bit disappointing. That is something that eventers here need to improve on especially if we really want to bring in more Japanese artists here in the Philippines. Crowd turnout is obviously a part of crowd feedback.

On a positive note, I would like to commend my fellow eventers for doing a great job participating in chants and not succumbing to record the concert. Thank you for adhering to the rules. We were able to break the stereotype that Filipinos are not disciplined. Hoping that this good attitude carry over to future events.





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