Short Reflection: Cosplay Mania x I Love Anison Day 2

Day 2 was a bit slow since most of the important events were already done on day 1. Spent the afternoon in the Force of Will booth to pass some time and checked some available merchandises. I bought a rubber coaster from Onegai Onii-chan Hobby Shop to replace my old one which was a Pringles cap. It was innovative, but yes I wanted my desk to look better. Here’s a picture of the Eli Ayase Love Live! Rubber Coaster.

An Eli coaster! Perfect for those khorosho mugs of coffee.

Afterwards, I spent time just talking around to people and did some goofy non-sense like chanting to Tokyo Performance Domo when they were at the NHK booth. Shortly after that, I also watched some of the Cosplay performances in the main stage. Ended up leaving immediately because the air conditioning was on full blast.

Night time came, Back on can be audibly heard testing their instruments while the stage was being set. This made the VIP attendees queue up early.

CM x ILA Day 2 Reflection:

Luma Love Live!, a cover dance group and the CGT winner performed first. They covered Susume→Tomorrow and START:DASH of µ’s. It was a pleasant sight to see that people wholeheartedly chanted for the group. As a fellow µ’s fan, I want to commend their effort for doing well.

Tokyo Performance Doll and Domo-kun did their same routine as Day 1. Their energetic performance sure livens up your blood. Domo, Domo, Domo, everybody in the world (Fu fu!)

Starmarie still kicking ass even with 6 songs. After watching them perform for two consecutive days, bit by bit, I am learning to like them more. I always thought that Mekurumeku Yuuki was weird but they proved me wrong. “Bang bang bang!” and you’re now a Starmarie fan.

Kanako Ito was mesmerizing. Hacking into the gate was appropriate in conjunction with the opening of the LED screen. Her alluring performance was a shift of gears from Starmarie’s explosive aura.

Finally, Back on, with their breathtaking and interactive performance. Nibun no Ichi and Cerulean was the song that everybody looked forward to. As for me, ever since Air Gear, I really liked Chain. Today, I get to break a UO for the song. It was fulfilling. 

Thank you Cosmania, for bringing these artists that I always thought seeing live was just but a fleeting dream, is now a reality.

Back-on setlist:

  1. Strike Back
  2. Nibun no Ichi
  3. Resurrection
  4. Ready Set Go!
  5. with you
  6. The Last One
  7. flower
  8. DTM
  10. Chain


  1. Cerulean
  2. Departure

You can read Day 1 blog here.


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