Day 1 and Day 2: Animax Carnival Philippines 2016


Animax Carnival Philippines 2016 was held at SMX convention center, October 15-16, 2016. Saturday and Sunday. Two days of fun-filled events, hype and excitement.

The past 2 days of ACPH was a blast. Overall, it’s a good event, balanced for the non concert goer and the eventer, with all the doable activities that you can kill your time with. The event really did felt like a carnival. Except, queues did attribute to wasting time and they were bad.

The best activity of them all was, obviously, the Oo-kun Karaoke. It was expected that queue for it will be long because of the culture here. Filipinos really like to sing.

I sang Colors by FLOW on day 1 and First Love by Utada Hikaru on day 2. Good thing the booth was nicely sealed.

Another good part of the event was the Q&A with the guests. I was only able to watch Yanagi Nagi’s Q&A. The segment was hosted by Rhianna. It was short but smoothly delivered compared to other Q&A that I’ve seen in the past. Nagi’s answer  to what kind of Filipino food would she like to try was the Turon. Finally, an answer that is not Halo Halo or Sinigang(笑)

Live performances

Day 1 and Day 2 performances were a blast. The Philippines has been finally blessed with Elisa’s angelic voice. Songs like, the lengthy God Only Knows, Wonder Wind, and Dear My Friend, hyped my soul out of me. Songs which were noteworthy of breaking UOs.


Animax Carnival Philippines 2016, ELISA, The event just ended! The fans are really warm, concert area became ecstatic. I’ve came to really love Philippines. These memories are something that I will truly cherish. Thank you. – ELISA

Elisa Setlist:

  1. Soba ni Iru Yo
  2. Wonder Wind
  3. God Only Knows
  4. Dreaming Traveler of an Integrated Circuit
  7. Kimi wo Nosete
  8. Millenario
  9. euphoric field
  10. Dear My Friend
  11. Realism

After Elisa’s performance, Yanagi Nagi surprisingly hyped the crowd even further with some of her upbeat songs. I’ve always known Nagi to be the type to sing mellow music but it was really unexpected for her upbeat songs to be so hype.

It was noticeable that even Nagi was also having fun since she was running out of breath. A surreal feeling since her recordings has always been perfect. I was convinced that I was in a live and was seeing Nagi for real. She’s always been one of my entry points to listening to Anisongs and it was unbelievable that I’ve finally seen her.


Animax Carnival Philippines live performance just has ended! Everyone from the Philippines that sang and everyone from Japan that came over, thank you very much! Let’s see each other again! – Yanagi Nagi

Yanagi Nagi Setlist:

  1. Orarion
  2. Yukitoki
  3. Harumodoki
  4. Aqua Terrarium
  5. Tokohana
  6. Vidro moyou

For Day 2, Ami Wajima stunned everyone. I’ve immediately became a fan of Ami Wajima and her antics. Her energy level is on almost par with LiSA’s, especially when she covered God Knows. Heck, I’ve immediately looked for Waji’s Shikishi in YJA hours after the concert but to no avail. If only I had UOs, I could have broke at least two for her.

She mentioned in her blog that it was her second time overseas and was completely taken by surprise when the crowd was chanting, “Ami! Ami!” I’m really proud of PH wotas right now since we were able to warmly welcome her.


Animax Carnival Philippines 2016 Thank you! Please call me Waji! I’m really impressed by everyone’s calls.

We’ll see each other again! May’n too! – Ami Wajima

Ami Wajima Setlist:

  1. Gensou Drive
  2. Kimi e
  3. God Knows (Cover)
  4. Kyouran Hey Kids!! (Cover)
  5. Utsukushiki Zankoku na Sekai (Cover)
  6. Toori Ame
  7. Eien Loop

After 3 years of waiting, last but not the least was May’n. Really didn’t expect the back up dancers. I only recognized only a few songs but it was still a pleasant experience. In the end, May’n mentions a beautiful quote related to her song, Phonic Nation: “That no matter where we are in this world, we only belong under the same blue sky. Music brings people together, no matter what country, language and culture.”

May’n Setlist:

  1. Kimi Shinitamou Koto Nakare
  2. Giant Step (May’n ver.)
  3. Iteza☆Gogo Kuji Don’t be late
  4. Chase the world
  5. Scarlet Ballet
  6. Northern Cross
  7. Belief
  8. Diamond Crevasse
  9. Phonic Nation

Went all out for the performances but not tired as I expected to be.  I think I’m starting to build up stamina for wotagei. I even still have my voice.

Hoping to meet all these wonderful artists again someday.

Thank you Animax and to the organizers, in making this wonderful event a huge success.

Side event highlight: Some of my early bird friends have been blessed by the Kaigai eventers with free UOs. Thank you Kaigai eventers!


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